The Observatory

posted on 03 Aug 2011 09:22 by siamindies
(Pic : left to right - Vivian, Victor, Dharma, Leslie and Evan)
Members :

1.Leslie Low - Lead vocals, Electric + Acoustic guitars, Programming, Bass, Harmonica

2.Vivian Wang - vocals, Piano, keyboards, Melodica, percussion

3.Dharma - Electric Guitar

4.Evan Tan - Programming, keyboards, Melodica, percussion

5.Victor Low - Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion

The Observatory is an indie space rock and electronica band based in Singapore consisting largely of alumni from significant 1990s Singaporean bands. They have toured throughout Asia and Europe and are influential in the Singapore music scene. The band formed in 2001, and performed for the first time at the Baybeats music festival in December 2002. They have released four albums, Time of Rebirth, March 2004, and Blank Walls, September 2005, A Far Cry From Here, April 2007 and Dark Folke, July 2009.The band uses electronic effects extensively, using several laptops during their performances across different countries such as Japan, Thailand and Singapore.

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