Je Suis Animal

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Members :
Elin Grimstad
Anthony Barratt
Merete Hald
Matt Bagguley
Pål Anders Barth Larsen

Je Suis Animal is a Nordic/Anglo indie pop band based in Oslo, Norway.

Art school friends Elin, Merete, Matt, and Anthony formed Je Suis Animal in Oslo, Norway, in 2004, putting together a delicate, reverb-kissed sound that nodded to old-school indie pop acts like My Bloody Valentine, Stereolab, and the Shop Assistants. A short while after forming, the band recorded a two song demo in a corridor at Hersleb school in Oslo. In 2005 a song from the demo, "Fortune Map", was used in the Ove Raymond Gyldenås directed film, "Tommys Inferno".

The demo also came to the attention of Perfect Pop Records, and the band started work at the label's Spendless Studio. Recording at a professional studio however proved to be too much of a challenge. "We were only really comfortable playing together," Anthony explained in a 2008 interview, "and so layering each instrument individually didn't work for us at all." At the suggestion of a friend, the band eventually opted to record its debut in an abandoned community hall in Hedalen, Norway; all the tracks were recorded using an eight-channel deck and a handful of microphones.


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olive tree is an awesome band love their songs . I having nothing but
love for this bands that do self funded, self promoted and self
distributed album. this is the kind of bands that needs our support
keep it up guys

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